Grant: Individual scientific research and multilingual editing

The title: „Sport Dictionary” (English)





Task name: individual scientific research and book publishing

On the basis of the Grant Agreement, a grant of 25112 Euros for the scientific research and the editing of the work in English with the title „Sport Dictionary”. It is intended to use the Company own funds for the research and editing of the work in English.

The Reprograph COMPANY SRL, 26 Mărăşeşti street, Craiova, Romania, tel. 0040 251 430 076,  invites eligible applicants („Candidates”) to express their interest in participating in the competition for the provision of the Services. Interested candidates will provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to provide the services.

Only one candidate will be selected according to the proposed selection method and published on the web page: …

Qualification and Selection Criteria

The minimum competencies required by the Consultant are as follows:
– Bachelor / postgraduate studies;
– Minimum 1 Specialization course in scientific research / Project manager / Trainer;
– Minimum 3 years of professional experience and in scientific research;
– Minimum 2 participations in Projects-Research Grants;
– Experience in professional research.

The candidate who obtains the best score following the application of the criteria below will be invited to negotiate the contract.

1.  1. General qualifications (education and training, years of experience, positions held, etc.) 40 points
1.1.  Education:
• Higher education – 5 points
• postgraduate studies – 10 points
10 points
1.2. Experience in scientific research:
• 3-5 years of research experience – 5 points
• 5-7 years experience in research -10 points
• Over 7 years of research experience – 15 points
15 points
1.3.  Specialization / training courses in the country or abroad:
• 1 specialization course – 5 points
• 2-4 specialization courses – 10 points
• Over 5 courses – 15 points
15 points
2.  Qualifications and specific skills (experience and relevance for assignment): 60 points
2.1.  Experience in scientific research. 10 points
2.2.  Participation in scientific events and research, development, innovation in physical education and sports:
• 3 participations – 15 points
• Over 3 participations – 20 points
20 points
2.3.  Affiliation to the University or Research Center. 30 points
   Maximum score total 100 points


 Conflict of interests

The Company will provide scientific, objective and impartial scientific advice, and will try to avoid any risk that may affect its own interests or any conflict with other tasks without considering future work. Candidates will not be employed for tasks that are in conflict with past or present obligations to other clients, or which would cause the impossibility of performing the tasks provided by the Grant..

Presentation of letters of interest

Interested candidates are invited to submit a Letter of Interest, accompanied by a CV. In order to validate the information presented in the CV, supporting documents (study diplomas, graduation certificates, certificates / similar contracts / recommendations, etc.) will be attached to attest to the way the Qualification and Selection Criteria are met.

All the above mentioned documents are submitted in electronic format (by e-mail) by 15.IX – 15.X. 2019 at 12:00, at:

Reprograph COMPANY SRL, 26 Mărăşeşti street, Craiova, Romania
tel. 0040 251 430 076,      e-mail:

Mr. Gheorghe Emil
tel. 0040 763 531 800,      e-mail:

Additional information can be obtained at the address below, during 10,00  – 14,00