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 Tender specifications

Acquisition of scientific research and editing services

For the Grant

„Sport Dictionary” – 1000 copies



The tender dossier is an integral part of the tender documentation and contains the set of requirements on the basis of which the technical proposal is drafted by each bidder. The tender specifications contain mandatory technical specifications for research and editing in English. The imposed requirements will be considered as minimal. The offer for the research and editing of the paper will be taken into consideration insofar as the technical proposal involves ensuring a qualitative level superior to the minimum requirements of the Tender specifications. Offering research and products with lower technical characteristics than those provided in the tender specifications results in the disqualification of the bidder. The lack of one of the requested technical characteristics or the failure to meet the obligations imposed by the purchaser constitutes a reason for rejecting the offer.


The legal or physical person with whom the Grant is concluded is …


The object of the contract is the purchase of services related to scientific research, the editing of the work in English and the execution of the related services (layout and preparation for printing, etc.) for: 1000 copies and a minimum of 500 pages: „Sport Dictionary”


He is responsible for the quality of the work and performs all designated activities. It is responsible for the quality of the works and performs all designated activities, even the journeys to the libraries abroad. It engages in organizational research activities and the communication of scientific results. It manifests a collaborative and helpful attitude with others; is represented in solving research problems; independently design and execute scientific research; continuously develops scientific and methodological knowledge through the efficient use of sources of information and documentation based on recent Romanian and foreign literature; performs experiments and processes the results. Ensures the realization of experimental models and specific techniques, rigorously scientifically based; has good moral conduct in dealing with third parties.
The minimum page size is 500 pages A4 format.


The title: „The relationship between education and sport”.
Finished format: 15.3 * 23.2 cm.
Nr. pages: 500 pag + wrapper
Support: Interior – paper volume 60g / m2
Pages + wrapper  – coated paper 150 g / m2
Forzat – paper offset chamoise 120g / mp
Chromatic: Interior – 1 + 1 color
Pages – 4 + 0 colors + matte cellophane
Supracop – 4 + 0 colors + cellophane mat + selective lacquer and / or emboss
Forzat – unpartitioned
Finishing: Bonded 1/1 in paper, sewing block – round spine
Packaging: Inflated in packages
Pdf files at 300dpi

The graphics on the book’s cover: the following information will be followed.

  1. Introduction

This paper presents the visual identity of the Company, establishing the principles of design and basic identity to be applied in different contexts. Its purpose is to provide an easily recognizable image when initiating a public communication process. The paper provides for the correct use of the design elements of the Company in all types of informative materials.

  1. Organization logo

– On the face of the cover will be: the logo of the Company.
– Back cover: ISBN
– The layout will be based on the material sent by the Company in electronic format; academically acknowledged publishing house and listed on the CNCS list; publishing house recognized in terms of editorial, organizational and national distribution;
– Receiving material on USB flash drive e-mail in electronic format with „good print”;
– The term will be set for the production of specimens from the date of receipt of the „print asset”. The Publishing House will ensure the transportation of the materials to the Company premises by the agreed date. Failure to offer one or more of the required positions leads to rejection of the offer. No partial offers accepted.

  1. Composing the logos

The logo will contain the official name of the Company. The rules for composing the logos schematically shown in the right-hand image are: the distance between the organization’s name area is equal to the width of the shield in the logo; the height of the letter body is equal to 3/4 of the width of the shield; the distance between the rows of the organization’s name is 1/4 of the width of the shield; the minimum free space around the log is equal to the width of the shield on each side. The font used is Trajan Pro C.

  1. Basic applications

Pages include a header: special attention will be paid to customized header sheets and how their component parts are structured and used uniformly. The indications provided define only the general layout rules on the page. Applying visual identity must be part of a joint effort, this section will permanently update as other solutions will be established.

Other specifications:
– The unit price of the products offered in the financial proposal will be in euros, excluding VAT, and the total value of the products supplied with and without VAT.
– The supplier has the obligation to deliver the materials to the final destination.
– The reception of the products will take place at the headquarters of the Company. All materials will be delivered properly packaged to prevent damage during transport.
– Payment of the products will be based on the invoice issued by the supplier for the products supplied. Registration of the invoice will be made at the headquarters of the Company
– The award criterion is the lowest price that will apply to bids that meet the requirements of this specification.
– The award of the procurement will be done through the foundation platform, the opening session will not be held in the presence of the bidders.